WATCH: Bubba Watson and Oakley teamed to create a golf jetpack
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WATCH: Bubba Watson and Oakley teamed to create a golf jetpack

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Screw a golf cart. Who wants to play golf while riding in a jetpack?

That's what Bubba Watson and Oakley have teamed up to introduce the world's first golf jetpack, dubbed the BWAir. Watson has teamed with his primary clothing sponsor, as well Martin Aircraft and marketing firm Thinkmodo, to create something that tops the golf hovercraft they created three years ago.

The jetpack has a 200-horsepower engine, which powers a pair of fans that run fast enough to propel the device off the ground with a vertical take off and landing. It can fly to a height of 3,000 feet at just shy of 50 mph. Of course, there's also room in the back for your golf bag.


The two-time Masters winner doesn't fly in the jetpack in the video. That's left to a trained pilot, who demonstrates the jetpack over Methven Golf Course in New Zealand, where the vehicle is licensed to fly.

Watson jokes in the video that the jetpack will make golf faster, fixing one of the problems with bringing people into the game. He also points out that riding -- flying, we guess -- along in a jetpack will help a player see the course better from the bird's eye view.

This thing is real. And you could, conceivably, one day buy one. Martin Aircraft is seeking FAA approval for the vehicle, and it would sell for about $200,000.

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