PREVIEW: Odyssey Golf X-Act Tank chippers

PREVIEW: Odyssey Golf X-Act Tank chippers

If you're of a certain age, and maybe are or were of a certain skill level, then you are probably aware -- perhaps intimately so -- with a chipper.

What's a chipper? A chipper is a specialized club that looks a lot like a putter, but it has the loft more akin to a 9-iron or a pitching wedge. You take it back and through the ball like a putter, and the result is getting some easy loft on the ball and toward the target. For a lot of folks, it's a helpful club, albeit a specialized one.

The folks at Odyssey Golf see the value in the chipper, and they're getting back in the business of making them, coming out with the X-Act Tank Chipper. Dubbed an approach putter by the company, the chipper is a good choice for folks who have trouble saving par from around the greens.

The X-Act Tank is counterbalanced, with a 355-gram head on one end and a SuperStroke chipper grip on the other. It has an X-Act sole for hybrid-like turf interaction, sports a polymer insert for soft feel and uses Marxman alignment to get the ball lined up. The shaft has a full-shaft offset. It'll be available July 15 in 37- and 46-degree options for $130 each.