REVIEW: Swiftwick compression golf socks

REVIEW: Swiftwick compression golf socks

If you love to walk when you play golf (and even if you don't), you know how important it is to have a well-performing pair of shoes and socks. They'll keep you comfortable, work together to provide great traction and help your feet breathe.

There are a number of good golf socks on the market, including from Kentwool and Stance. There's a relatively new entrant in the golf space, as well, that your feet might need to meet: Swiftwick.

Swiftwick socks offer what they call "managed compression," which is a way of saying that the socks are built to fit somewhat tightly and offer stability to the foot. The 200-needle knit is high density, offering a tighter knit for the compression fit. Compression improves circulation, keeping the blood flowing through the round and giving your feet the energy to finish walking the last three holes.

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The socks wick away moisture using patterned Merino wool and Olefin fiber, while the compression fit helps to prevent blisters. Swiftwick says the socks also have odor-fighting technology.

Swiftwick offers a guarantee on their socks, and they say they'll make things right if you have a bad experience or get a poorly made product. The company expects the socks to last three years with average wear.

We received four pairs of socks -- two of the Aspire Zero no-show model and two of the Performance One ankle-height model -- to test in four colors. The fit is tighter than what you'd typically get from Kentwool, although somewhat similar to Stance. Stance offers a thicker-feeling sock, which is a different approach from Swiftwick trying to and creating a second-skin fit. While the Swiftwick socks don't feel as padded from step to step compared to Kentwool and Stance, the socks are comfortable and kept our feet dry through four-hour walking rounds. If you're walking a particularly challenging course, you may want the extra padding, but we'd suggest pairing these, then, with a hybrid shoe if conditions allow.

If you're a golfer who loves the barefoot-style shoes, designed to let the foot do its natural thing with little space between the shoe and the ground, Swiftwick socks could be a great complement.

The Swiftwick golf socks run about $13 per pair, which is very competitive in the high-end golf sock market. Knowing that there are different fits for different folks, Swiftwick socks are well worth a try.