REVIEW: Champ C1 putter grips

REVIEW: Champ C1 putter grips

Big putter grips are a big thing, primarily because they help so many players take their hands out of the stroke and get putts on line better.

SuperStroke has been the leader in the market, with its Fatso line of grips leading in the marketplace. The grips have somewhat of a tube shape, no matter the size, and feel very good to a lot of players.

However, Champ, also known for their quality spikes, has come up with a different kind of big grip that may be more appealing to some players who like the feel of a traditional pistol grip but could benefit from a grip that can make them less handsy.

The Champ C1 pistol grip is like a traditional pistol putter grip on steroids, blown up to a few times its normal size. It has the pistol grip's flat front and a more oval-styles shape throughout the rest of the grip, so it lays in the hands more like a pistol grip.

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The grip is made from a polyurethane material that is both lightweight and just a little smushy, meaning a player can truly feel they're gripping it instead of holding on for dear life. On the back of the grip, there's a grip pattern of lines in a diamond shape that aims to prevent the hand from slipping in wet conditions. gives extra control in all weather conditions.

They come in three sizes -- a small grip for a slightly oversized feel, a medium that aims to help reduce wrist action and a large to help stabilize your putting stroke and minimize wrist movement. Trying the large grip to see how it might help, particularly on short putts, it performed as advertised. It quelled the voices in my head that I might twitch at impact and pull or push a short putt. I was always on the starting line I imagined, even if the putt didn't go in the hole. My theory had always been that my larger hands made short putting a challenge, just as they prove a challenge with proper grip pressure on the other 13 clubs in the bag. That theory was proven right, and we're going to continue to game this grip in 2016.

The Champ C1 putter grips come in six colors and run about $10 each.

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