PREVIEW: Tour Edge Exotics E9 driver

PREVIEW: Tour Edge Exotics E9 driver

Tour Edge has rounded out its new E9 line with the announcement of the Exotics E9 and E9 Tour drivers.

The standard model features a 460 cc head with a draw bias, available in both 10- and 12-degree lofts. The Tour model is a 430 cc head with a deeper (read: taller) face with the aim of imparting less spin at impact with more ball speed off the club face. It's available in 9- and 10-degree lofts.

The E9 driver has a narrower and deeper Power Grid, which allows the face to flex at impact to improve distance and forgiveness through the face.

Both models sport an adjustable sole weight, but they're positioned differently. The 6-gram weight is positioned in an 8-gram pad near the heel in the standard E9 model, promoting a draw. That same weight is positioned in the middle-back of the sole in the Tour model to move the center of gravity lower and further back for improved moment-of-inertia with lower spin at impact. A kit with 3-, 9- and 11-gram weights is also available.

Each driver has an eight-way adjustable hosel, affording the player the ability to change lie angle and loft up or down 1 degree.

The Tour Edge Exotics E9 driver ($300) and E9 Tour driver ($400) will ship on Nov. 15, 2015.

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