REVIEW: Rukket Golf Net

REVIEW: Rukket Golf Net

Sometimes, it's just not possible to get to the golf course when you want to work on your game. Maybe you can't drive out of your way. Maybe it's raining too hard. Whatever the reason, there's almost no good reason why you shouldn't be able to get in a few swings.

Having a good home setup is absolutely essential to working on your game when circumstances otherwise wouldn't allow it. That good setup starts with a place to hit and a great net, like the Rukket Rukk Net.

The Rukket Rukk Net isn't cheap -- coming in around $225 -- but it is agile, easy to set up and transport and it does the job without fearing that your pop-ups and hosel rockets will wind up in a neighbor's yard or lodged in your drywall.

Setting up the Rukk Net is quick: unzip the carrying case, unfold like you would one of those portable laundry baskets and stand up. Now you're ready to rock. If you want to add in Rukket's short game attachments that offer extra chipping and pitching targets, that may take a minute or two.

The good thing about Rukk Net is that it actually has two nets to protect your shots. So if you smash your ball through one, there's another as backup. That shouldn't be a problem unless you have professional-grade ball speed, but it's good to know when setting up shop.

The first net is designed with heavy-duty materials to catch your shots and return the ball to you. That means you don't need a shag bag to enjoy the net, but rather a mere ball. If that net rots or wears out, then it can be replaced by removing its T-clip holders and sticking a new one in its place.

If you're creating a permanent setup, you're not going to be folding the net up and taking it elsewhere. However, if you are, the net folds back into its original shape quickly. After knocking the net down to a completely flat setup, the net has printed instructions on it to walk you through getting it back into the circle shape of the carrying case.

Of course, you'll have to complete your setup with a surface off which to hit balls. That could be grass in the back yard, a small mat or a driving-range sized mat. We'll leave that to you, but if you're looking to set up a simulator, like the wonderful OptiShot, the Rukk Net is perfectly fine to use.

Just make sure that you have at least a 10-foot-wide space to situate the net and enough space -- probably 10 feet -- to make a complete golf swing. You'll probably need 5-6 feet of depth, too. If you have those dimensions, then you can create a home driving range that will be there regardless of time and conditions. If you like working on your game, the Rukket Rukk Net is a good investment.

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