PHOTOS: Ford Mustang golf cart by Caddyshack Golf Cars
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PHOTOS: Ford Mustang golf cart by Caddyshack Golf Cars

A Ford Mustang isn't practical for a lot of people. It's an incredible sports car, but you can really only carry two people and, for golfers, more than one golf bag is a non-starter in the trunk.

So, if you're a golfer and still want a Mustang, what do you do? Well, how about buy a Ford Mustang golf cart.

Caddyshack Golf Cars has announced its 2015 Ford Mustang golf cart, complete with features that take pimping out a golf cart to a new level. The cart has a top speed of 19.5 mph and can go 35 miles on a single charge of its standard battery. (An upgrade to a lithium-ion battery takes it further faster. Or you can pick the gas model.) It also comes with custom 12-inch aluminum SVT wheels and vinyl, upholstered seats with the Mustang pony logo. There's a trunk in the front for extra storage.

There are some optional features, too, including a two-person, rear-facing fold down seat kit with golf bag attachment and a four-speaker Alpine stereo system with Bluetooth.

It's unclear if there's an actual roof with this thing,

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