VIDEO: This is what happens when you play golf drunk
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VIDEO: This is what happens when you play golf drunk

Drunk golf can be a lot of fun. It really can. The term "member-guest" -- at least, for many -- is code for "excuse to get sloshed."

However, a certain level of decorum is expected. Namely, you don't hurt yourself, someone else or the golf cart. And it's that rule that this fella forgot while playing a little drunk golf.

You see, these boys were having a good time out on the course, but they may have pushed it too far with golf's version of "dizzy bat." Instead of dropping your forehead on a steadied bat and spinning around it seven times, this dude balanced a club upright in his hand and spun around a bunch. Then when he tried to steady himself, presumably to whiff at the golf ball, he couldn't stop moving to the the tee box and into a golf cart windshield, breaking it.

You're not going to remember this the next time you've had far too many on the golf course. So the least you can do is take video of it.

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