Golf Ball Finder is an app that will help you find lost golf balls

Golf Ball Finder is an app that will help you find lost golf balls

I really only have one good eye. The other was ravaged by an eye infection in 2006, so, despite the ability to see 20/20 with a hard contact lens, it's not very good at perceiving lost things, like golf balls.

For me, I especially have trouble in the autumn months, when grass turns, leaves fall and somehow a white ball turns into a camo one. However, a new app available for Apple devices may well end my end-of-season frustration in looking too long for golf balls.

The app is called, easily enough, Golf Ball Finder, and it uses the camera function to help find your golf ball as you search for it. What the app does is places a blue filter over the standard camera to help illuminate where your ball is. That filter works because it shuts out distracting light rays from green grass, brown dirt and the typical terrain you'd expect to encounter while looking for your ball. The app also lets you adjust for sunlight conditions (sunny and bright, or cloudy and gloomy) as well for grass type.

Now, of course, it'll be hard for the app to find your ball if the camera can't see it -- meaning that underwater or in a bush is probably not where Golf Ball Finder shines.

However, it is free and it can definitely help you look for the lost golf balls you should be finding. That's a great deal.

Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog, via @EdSchultheis

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