Greg Norman is unsure if he'll be able to golf again
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After chainsaw accident, Greg Norman is unsure if he’ll be able to golf again

After a chainsaw accident nearly cost him is left hand, Greg Norman is unsure if he'll recover well enough to golf again.

“Well we don’t know yet, we don’t know," Norman said on Fox Business Network on Thursday. "I had my first swing in the gym the other day, not hitting a golf ball but just swinging a light weighted golf club and it definitely feels different. I mean I have to build up a lot of the muscle that was torn away here. Chainsaw does a good job, when you chainsaw a log you see all those chips come out, a little bit of flesh in there too.”

While that might sound like devastating news, the Aussie says has played five or six rounds of golf this year -- and isn't really all that worried about future tee times.

"I love being a living brand," he said, "I love growing it, I love seeing opportunities out there and the global market place is just extraordinary right now.”

And it doesn't sound like the accident will scare Norman away from being a do-it-yourselfer in the future.

"I’m a Mr. Do It man," he said. "I like to get in there and do everything. If I can do it myself I’m going to do it.”

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