VIDEO: Troy golf team duels with golf clubs, pisses off hornets
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VIDEO: Troy golf team duels with golf clubs, pisses off hornets


The Troy University golf team was having some fun filming an update video. They decided to emulate the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team and try to play chicken jousting with golf clubs. It's funny.

Then the film cuts to something way less fun. A member of the men's team finds himself near a water hazard, stabbing at his ball with a wedge. He extricates his ball from the lie and gets it to the fringe. But he also extricated a whole lot of pissed-off hornets from their nest. The player runs away from the hornets as teammates try to swipe them away from him. One gets stuck in his pocket, however, continuing to sting him.

Once the hornet threat is under control, the player realizes he left one of his wedges where the now-angry hornets are, so he timidly makes his way to the wedge and uses his other wedge to free his club from the hornets. Talk about a different kind of stinger!


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