Why a golf club's llama logo upset Augusta National
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Why a golf club’s llama logo upset Augusta National

Turns out that a llama looks a lot like the United States -- with an extra leg at the bottom.

Talamore Golf Resort in North Carolina was probably well aware of this when they used a llama as the centerpiece of their logo. And why shouldn't they use a llama? They offer the animals as caddies to guests. It's a unique experience that should be reflected in their logo.

That's where the problem began. A llama looks a lot like the U.S., and North Carolina is awfully close to Georgia. So the Talamore Golf Resort logo looked a lot like -- you guessed it -- the Augusta National Golf Club logo.

Here's the Talamore logo today:


And, to drive the point home, the Talamore logo with Augusta National colors, followed by their logo:



So it makes a lot of sense that Talamore changed its logo at the legal behest of Augusta National for that whole infringement thing. Now the logos look substantially different. However, the cease-and-desist letter still hangs in the golf shop at Talamore.

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