Course Fit: Player vs. event top-25 finishes

Course Fit: Player vs. event top-25 finishes

Lots of fantasy golf players -- including us -- have a tendency to look for horses for courses, or players who simply perform better at specific courses than others.

However, we try to retrofit the idea of a horse for course by looking at a multi-year trendline showing multiple high finishes. What we haven't really done in the past is compare what a course requires to what a player does when they perform well and see if the player fits the course -- at least in statistical concept.

That's what we're trying here with this tool. We're showing off the Strokes Gained breakdown -- Putting, Approach, Off the Tee, Tee to Green -- for players when they've finished in the top 25 in the last two years and compare that to the breakdown in those areas for top-25 finishers in this week's event for the last five years.

Each percentage is expressed as a decimal, meaning 0.50 is 50 percent, 0.68 is 68 percent, and so forth.

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