Sugarloaf Social Club's Masters merch: A tasteful tradition unlike any other
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Sugarloaf Social Club’s Masters merch: A tasteful tradition unlike any other


To Masters fans (excuse me, patrons), it’s possibly more iconic than a drive down Magnolia Lane; maybe more memorable than the red, pink and purple azaleas that line Augusta’s grounds; and perhaps even more filling than a stroll around the famed Amen Corner.

It’s the fabled pimento cheese sandwich, a classic Masters treat that’s as simple as it is complex (Google its history and enjoy the read). And now, thanks to Sugarloaf Social Club, the $1.50 slice of Masters lore has been enshrined on some classy-looking hats, visors, belts and even a T-shirt.

Featuring a fun, delightfully-sized, pimento cheese sandwich logo on the center seam, the “Sugarloaf Pimento Loafwich” Rope Hat, Tour Visor and Zero Hat are $40 apiece (the hats are available in white, and the tour visor is available in white, sunshine yellow and forest green).

The Spring ‘17 Belt, available in Biarritz Blue or Punchbowl Peach, is $85 and will definitely keep your trousers up in style.

Last but not least, in collaboration with Classic Georgia, The Pimento Loafwich Pocket T-Shirt is sure to make your playing partners green with envy. For $25, the 100 percent cotton t-shirt is made to order so plan ahead (takes 10-14 days for delivery) if you want to sport it in time for the tradition unlike any other.

If you want to claim one of these delicious creations for yourself, act fast: The Pimento Loafwich is a limited run (couple dozen hats) and will probably sell out quickly. You can sign up for Sugarloaf’s newsletter and be the first to know when new products are getting ready to drop. Rumor is two new art projects are coming soon as well as a leather wallet/scorecard holder and some red, white and blue-themed headwear in honor of our nation’s Open.


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