Korn Ferry Tour records: Lowest 18-, 36-, 54- and 72-hole scores
Korn Ferry Tour

Korn Ferry Tour records: Lowest 18-, 36-, 54- and 72-hole scores

A photo of Cristobal del Solar

Martin Piller set the all-time Korn Ferry Tour record for the lowest first 36-hole total in an event.

Piller won the 2015 Albertsons Boise Open at Hillcrest CC in Boise, Idaho after opening with 61-63 for a total of 124. He matched the mark set by Kevin Chappell, who first shot 124 in 2010 at the par-71 The Georgian Bay Club and par-72 Raven GC at Lora Bay in Ontario, Canada at the 2010 Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic.

The Korn Ferry Tour 54-hole scoring record is 189, first shot by Piller on the par-71 Hillcrest CC in Boise, Idaho, en route to winning the 2015 Albertsons Boise Open.

The Korn Ferry Tour's 72-hole scoring record is 253, set by Tim Widing on winning the 2024 Veritex Bank Championship at Texas Rangeers Golf Club in Arlington, Texas.

The prior record was 255, which Steve Wheatcroft set in shooting 29-under total to win the 2011 Melwood Prince George's County Open at the University of Maryland GC in College Park, Md.

The Tour's scoring record in relation to par for a 72-hole event is owned by Widing as well, as his 31-under 253 total is the new mark of excellence on the Korn Ferry Tour. The reord was previously owned by Daniel Chopra, who won the 2004 Henrico County Open at The Dominion Club in, Glen Allen, Va., on 30-under 258.

The lowest 18-hole score for any round in Korn Ferry Tour history belongs to Cristobal del Solar, who shot 13-under 57 in the first round of the 2024 Astara Golf Championship at Country Club de Bogota in Bogota, Colombia. Stephan Jaeger and Frankie Capan III are the only two players in Korn Ferry Tour history to shoot 58, del Solar and Capan III share the tour record for the best round in relationship to par at 13 under par.

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