Lottie Woad in contention at The Chevron Championship right after winning at Augusta National
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Lottie Woad in contention at The Chevron Championship right after winning at Augusta National

A photo of Lottie Woad

Lottie Woad won the Augusta National Women's Amateur two weeks ago, making birdies on three of the final four holes to win the biggest trophy of her young career.

That win got the Florida State sophomore into this week's first LPGA Tour major of the year, The Chevron Championship. Through two rounds, the Englishwoman is taking full advantage of the opportunity. A 4-under 140 through two rounds, Woad is four shots off the lead of Atthaya Thitikul and Jin Hee Im at The Club at Carlton Woods in The Woodlands, Texas.

The feeling is a bit different this week, though, as Woad is making her way through this event all on her own. There's no family there to help here. There are no Florida States coaches or teammates there to support her. This is a true solo effort -- besides the new caddie she hired for this week with the help of the tournament staff.

"I've met people since I've been here, but no one came, yeah," she said Friday, explaining why it's a jolt to the system. "[I]t's definitely weird. I think in college everyone does everything for you so you kind of don't have to worry about how you're getting to the course and stuff like that. This week you're just out a little more, but it's been fine."

At this point, she's met her first goal for the tournament of getting through the LPGA Tour 36-hole cut line of the top 65 and ties. Now she has an opportunity to do even more.

"I wanted to play the weekend," she said. "I didn't have a number in mind where I wanted to finish. I was just kind of trying to stick to my plan and shoot I guess under par. But now I'm only I think three back maybe at the moment (four shots at the end of the round). That might change. But just going to I guess see how close I can get and keep trying to contend."

It's been a whirlwind process for Woad, who's had little time to celebrate her Augusta National Women's Amateur triumph.

" I first had to check with Florida State because they're playing the ACC championship right now," she said. "I haven't even had time to check the score yet, but I hope they're doing well. So I just checked with my coach if I could play, and then I was booking flights straightaway. I got the last seat on the flight."

It seems like the quick turnaround has been worth it so far, though, and it could prove even more valuable come Sunday.

"I just kind of want to continue how I'm playing," she said, "and if I can be aroundabouts the lead on Sunday, that would be pretty cool."

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