The Sqairz Velo shoes help me swing faster with more confidence
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The Sqairz Velo shoes help me swing faster with more confidence


My Sqairz golf shoes are almost always a conversation starter. People see the logo on the shoes and inevitably ask me some form of the same question: Do they work?

I tell them that they do, and then I stand over the ball and rip a driver. It usually proves the point.

It's been more than four years since I first put on a pair of Sqairz golf shoes at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. As more people have learned about Sqairz -- and the irrefutable data that their design helps golfer performance -- the company has grown tremendously. They've expanded their lineup to include new models and colors. They've even expanded their footprint into other sports, collaborating on baseball spikes now worn by dozens of Major League Baseball players and on pickleball shoes that will help players be more confident in the fast-twitch movements in the game.

For 2024, Sqairz introduced a new shoe that had me excited from the second I heard about it: the Velo.

The Velo is the Sqairz model for players that want -- really, need -- the confidence in their equipment to maximize their speed on every shot. I swing hard. I'm not going to outdrive the longest players on the PGA Tour, but I can keep up. And for years, I have struggled when I've worn golf shoes that not only lack the proper support on the outsole but also on the upper.

At their best, golf shoes allow a player to have the stability they need through all facets of the golf swing, including great traction on the ground, the proper transfer of energy from the groun to the golfer and back, and an upper and insole that keep the foot from sliding about inside the shoe to cause inefficiencies.

The Sqairz line of shoes has long thrived in these features, but the Velo takes it one step further.

The Velo has NRGY Direct technology, which is designed to provide stability in the upper with stiffening materials that help lock the player's foot into place from above and the sides. An enhanced lacing system helps secure the Sta-Put laces even better, while the tongue is conencted directed to the upper at the shoe's opening to better connect the components. The net result for the golfer is a feeling that their shoes and feet are part of the same system, freeing a player to swing aggressively at the ball on any shot.

The Sqairz outsole is still a hallmark of the Velo model, which is available in three colorways. There are six spike ports and 290 total traction points that can adapt to any lie or situation on the course.

The midsole features a new, lighter NRG comfortable foam padding that offers give and comfort with each step while not compressing so much that a golfer can lose energy in the transfer of the swing.

The Velo may be a stiffer shoe in the upper, but Sqairz comfort hasn't changed. Around the collar of the shoe, there's plenty of padding, meaning a golfer will feel comfortable walking in practically any situation on the golf course. The last runs a little wide, so many golfers will want to consider going down a half-size for a tighter fit. The shoes have a waterproof guarantee. My feet have never once gotten wet wearing Sqairz, and that's about as high of a compliment as I can pay to a shoe.

The Speed Velos are similar in weight to previous models, just a touch lighter. Sqairz shoes run a bit heavier compared to other companies, but they have found minor ways of reducing the weight profile while maintaining stability. Wearing Sqairz make for a comfortable walk on the golf course from the second you put them on for the first time.

What you're getting with Sqairz is a proven increase in performance at the cost of a golf shoe instead of another set of irons or a driver or another club that can't do for you on every shot what Sqairz can.

I play better golf wearing Sqairz, and you will, too.

The Sqairz Velo shoes are $220, which puts them in a similar price range to performance spiked shoes. They're available in three colorways, including white/black, white/blue and black/white/gray. They come with a pair of Sqairz socks, which also feature a squared-off toe and are quite comfy themselves.

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