The Masters: What time do the gates open for patrons at Augusta National?
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The Masters: What time do the gates open for patrons at Augusta National?

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Thousands upon thousands of patrons attend the Masters every year at Augusta National Golf Club. For many of these golf fans, this is their one and only chance to attend one of the most famous golf courses and most famous golf tournaments in the world. That means they want to get the most out of their day or two or week at Augusta National, getting there when the gates open and staying until the gates close for each day.

What time do the gates open for patrons at Augusta National?

Augusta National Golf Club opens the gates to Masters patrons at a slightly different time each day. During the course of the week, patrons can get into Augusta National anywhere from 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. each day.

During pre-tournament practice round days and tournament days, Augusta National Golf Club opens at 8 a.m. The only exception is Thursday, when patrons can get in at 7:30 a.m., just prior to the honorary starters kicking off the tournament.

Those opening times can change based on tournament delays that may cause a round to spill over from one day to the next or forecasted weather conditions that may cause play to be moved up in an attempt to get play done for the day before weather moves in or other delays happen.

What time do the gates close for patrons at Augusta National?

Augusta National Golf Club closes their gates to Masters patrons at exactly 30 minutes after play ends for each day. This gives patrons enough time to gather their belongings -- namely, the chairs they might bring and plop down to keep as a viewing spot throughout the day -- and then get off the property.

Meanwhile, grounds crews get to work filling in every divot on the property and cleaning up the grounds to that everything looks practically perfect for the next day.

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