Masters attendance: How many patrons attend Augusta National each year?

Masters attendance: How many patrons attend Augusta National each year?

A photo of a pin flag at the Masters Tournament

The Masters is perhaps the greatest golf tournament in the world, and Augusta National Golf Club welcomes thousands of patrons every year to their club as they present the first men's major of the golf year.

But Masters attendance is a bit of a mystery. Augusta National Golf Club doesn't announce how many patrons attend the tournament each year, and the number of weekly tournament badges for Thursday through Sunday isn't publicized.

However, the best estimates of Masters attendance suggest there are 35,000-40,000 patrons at Augusta National Golf Club during the tournament rounds from Thursday through Sunday. In recent memory, the club has offered some daily tickets to tournament rounds, slightly increasing the total number of patrons on those days.

Before that allocation, however, Augusta National offered a ticket lottery for practice rounds on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There are more patrons at Augusta National during non-competition days, with an estimated 50,000 people attending the club on those days. Without competitive action to view, the club is more comfortable with a larger allocation of tickets.

While any day at the Masters Tournament is a special one, and the secondary market for Masters tickets suggests Friday is the most coveted day and the most expensive for tickets. This is because the full field is still competing before the 36-hole cut after the second round. Prices go down for Saturday's third round and Sunday's final round, though they're the historic days that capture the history of the championship.

(We don't recommend purchasing badges and tickets through the secondary market. It's a huge risk, and if caught with a ticket or badge that doesn't belong to you, you could be banned for life from attending the Masters. Badge and ticket holders caught selling access to the club will also be banned.)

With the Par-3 Contest on Wednesday and so much fun in the practice rounds, some have said that is the second-best day of Masters Week to attend Augusta National behind Championship Sunday. Wednesday is the second-most costly ticket for Augusta National.

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