How to watch the Masters online stream using the Masters app and Apple TV
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How to watch the Masters online stream using the Masters app and Apple TV

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You can watch every shot from the 2024 Masters online, getting almost the entirety of tournament coverage through and the Masters apps. However, those are smaller screens. If you want to stream the Masters but watch the stream on your TV, then you have several options, including Apple TV.

Here's how you can cast the Masters online streaming channels from the Masters app to your TV using Apple TV and AirPlay.

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How to watch the Masters online stream using the Masters app and Apple TV

You can use your Apple device, either the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, with the Apple TV device to stream the Masters digital channels. Here's how:

  1. Open the Masters app on your Apple device and start playing one of the digital channels.
  2. Turn on your Apple TV.
  3. Drag up from the bottom of your Apple device to pull up a menu with options for turning on AirPlay. In the middle of the screen, press the AirPlay button, allowing the Apple device to be discovered by the Apple TV box.
  4. Apple TV will automatically discover your Apple device and, when it does, your Apple device will display the name of your Apple TV (usually "Apple TV").
  5. Select that Apple TV name.
  6. The Masters video channel you've selected will start playing on your Apple TV with high-definition quality.
  7. If you want to change digital channels, do it on your Apple device in the app.

This is an option available natively on many smart TVs, including Vizio, which offers native AirPlay capability from their SmartFeed functionality. Other TV makers offer this, too.

Alternatively, you can use the ESPN app on your Apple TV and fire up streaming channels through ESPN. You'll have to verify your ESPN subscription through your cable, satellite or streaming provider to watch ESPN coverage. You can watch the other Masters digital channels -- which are, again, free on -- in the ESPN app if you subscribe to ESPN+.

You can do the same thing with the CBS app on Apple TV for their weekend broadcast coverage.

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