The Masters: What are the hardest and easiest holes at Augusta National?
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The Masters: What are the hardest and easiest holes at Augusta National?

A photo of a pin flag at the Masters Tournament

During the Masters Tournament and at Augusta National Golf Club, just like at any other golf course, some holes are easier than others.

At Augusta National, the easiest holes are the ones you can attack with length, namely the par 5s and the shorter par 4s. The toughest holes, as you might guess, are the ones in Amen Corner.

However, as the course has changed over the years, some holes have become more difficult. For example, the changes around the turn of the 21st century narrowed the landing areas for driving on the seventh and 17th holes. In particular, the lengthening of the seventh hole also made it one of the most difficult holes on the golf course.

In 2024, the par-5 2nd will play 10 yards longer, with the hopes of returning the second shot on the hole to being a "momentous decision" in the round. How that added length will impact scoring, of course, is not yet clear.

So, let's take a look at the ranking of each hole at Augusta National historically in the Masters, factoring in all of the Masters Tournaments ever played dating back to 1934.

Augusta National Golf Club Masters hole averages, by ranking, as of 2024

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1 10 495 4 4.3
2 11 505 4 4.3
3 4 240 3 3.28
4 12 155 3 3.27
5 5 495 4 4.26
6 1 445 4 4.24
7 18 465 4 4.23
8 14 440 4 4.17
9 17 440 4 4.16
10 7 450 4 4.16
11 16 170 3 3.14
12 9 460 4 4.14
13 6 180 3 3.14
14 3 350 4 4.08
15 8 570 5 4.82
16 2 585 5 4.78
17 15 530 5 4.77
18 13 510 5 4.77

Beyond Amen Corner, the par-3 fourth hole is the toughest on the course. Given its length, that makes sense, though a lot of Masters players say they like the hole because it's downhill and they can often blast a long iron as they'd like to the green. A number of players will tell you that the fifth and first holes are the ones that sneak up on them.

All four par 5s, of course, are the easiest holes. However, historically, they only play a combined 0.86 shots over par per round. In recent years, the 15th hole has become tougher than the 13th.

All told, on historical average, Augusta National plays to a tournament average of 74.03, or just a shade over 2 over par. The historical scoring average has decreased ever so slightly in recent years.

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