LIV Golf does the Saudis a "disservice" in PGA Tour negotiations, says Rory McIlroy

LIV Golf does the Saudis a “disservice” in PGA Tour negotiations, says Rory McIlroy

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LIV Golf and how it has conducted its business as a breakaway golf tour has done a "disservice" to the Saudis in their effort to make an investment deal with the PGA Tour, according to Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy has spent time with Saudi Public Investment Fund governor Yasir Al Rumayyan, including a fall 2022 meeting that was a precursor the secret negotiations initiated by PGA Tour Policy Board member Jimmy Dunne. He believes the Saudi-owned LIV Golf, commissioner Greg Norman and the whole tour is not sending the right signals about the Saudi's intentions to the PGA Tour.

"I have spent time with Yasir," McIlroy said Sunday after The Players Championship. "The people that have represented him in LIV I think have done him a disservice, so Norman and those guys."

He added, "I actually think there's a really big disconnect between PIF and LIV. I think you got PIF over here and LIV are sort of over here doing their own thing. So the closer that we can get to Yasir, PIF and hopefully finalize that investment, I think that will be a really good thing."

The former PGA Tour Policy Board member believes the the Monday meeting in the Bahamas between the PGA Tour Enterprises board and the Saudi PIF and Al Rumayyan is a long time coming.

"I think it should have happened months ago, so I am glad that it's happening. Hopefully that progresses conversations and gets us closer to a solution," McIlroy said.

The four-time major champion has said he believes the players will learn that Al Rumayyan "fundamentally wants to do the right thing" and invest in the PGA Tour with the intent of making a legitimate return on their billions.

"Look, they're a sovereign wealth fund. They want to park money for decades and not worry about it," McIlroy said. "They want to invest in smart and secure businesses, and the PGA Tour is definitely one of those, especially if they're looking to invest in sport in some way."

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