REVIEW: The RevCore cart golf bag offers a luxurious look without the price tag
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REVIEW: The RevCore cart golf bag offers a luxurious look without the price tag


A great cart bag seems hard to find. At least to me. Maybe that's because I walk most of the time, and so what I think makes a bag aesthetically pleasing and useful is different compared to someone who rides more frequently.

Still, I don't walk every time I play golf. When I ride -- be it playing in a member-guest, charity outing or on a course where walking just isn't possible -- I may as well take advantage of the cart by having a proper cart bag. For me, that means having plenty of storage, a wide-enough top that also makes it easy to get clubs out and put them back, and, of course, a great look.

The RevCore cart golf bag from their parent company, CaddyDaddy Golf, checks all the boxes.

CaddyDaddy Golf has been making great golf travel bags, luggage and golf baggage accessories for years. CaddyDaddy products are feature-filled, but they don't come with a hefty price tag, making them ideal for golfers of all kinds. I have and use a CaddyDaddy travel bag and shoe bag. So when the gang at CaddyDaddy told me they were getting into golf bags, it seemed like a natural choice to come out with a full-featured bag with a luxurious look at a good price point.

The RevCore cart bag looks a lot like a bag you would see from Vessel, albeit at a significant discount to that $450 price tag -- coming in under $300. The marine-style faux leather look is just sharp, and it's available currently in black and navy. I went with navy, which is a stark contrast to a different brand's stand bag I have in white with the same material, which looks great round after round. There are far too many cart bags that look either completely bland or way too over the top, and that isn't the case here. Often times, a nylon fabric is used for the outside of the bag, and that can wear poorly and look drab, so contrasting colors is typically the right choice when designing with it.

However, a great cart bag is so much more than the aesthetic. Features make the bag, and the RevCore bag has them in spades.

The 9-inch top features a 14-way set of dividers, which are velvet-lined at the top. The dividers run the full length of the bag, which a lot of cart-bag users love. A large well for a putter in the front of the bag is a good touch, too. The rubber handles on the sides of the top make it easy to load and unload the bag both in and out of your car and onto and off the cart, while the flat base keeps the bag from moving too much during a round.

There are nine total pockets on the RevCore cart bag, including two felt-lined waterproof pockets for valuables, your phone or a rangefinder. The ball pocket facing can be removed with a zipper and Velcro so it can be embroidered easily. There are two separate cooler pockets with drains to keep drinks cold, whether you brought them or bought them. No matter what you want to bring to the course in your bag (within reason), there's room for it.

There are a pair of metal towel rings for a towel, your gloves, bag tags and other such things. The hardware is a nice touch, too, with bigger nickel-alloy zippers that are easy to grip and manipulate. An umbrella holder with loop is good for the prepared player (though I don't have a golf umbrella on the count of the walking and not liking playing in the rain). A cart-strap loop keeps your bag looking good and prevents scuffing while on board. The shoulder strap is super padded and very comfortable for what is hopefull a short walk with it in tow to the bag drop or the cart.

Coming in a 9.12 lbs altogether, the RevCore cart bag isn't light, but cart bags aren't meant to be light. They're meant to be bigger and hold as much stuff as a golfer needs to get through a round. The RevCore bag does that very well while looking great.

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