2024 New Zealand Open purse, winner's share, prize money payout
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2024 New Zealand Open purse, winner’s share, prize money payout

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The 2024 New Zealand Open purse is set for NZD$2 million, with the winner's share coming in at NZD$360,000 -- the standard 18 percent payout according to the Asian Tour's prize money distribution chart.

The New Zealand Open field is headed by Scott Hend, Matthew Griffin, David Micheluzzi and more of the best players from the Asian Tour and the Challenger PGA Tour of Australasia.

For 2024 New Zealand Open results and payout, see our final leaderboard

The 156-player field is the latest event of the 2024 Asian Tour schedule.

A cut is made after 36 holes to the top 65 players and ties for the final two rounds of the tournament. All players who finish four rounds of the tournament will earn money.

The event is played this year at Millbrook Resort and Country Club in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

What else is on the line: points, OWGR points, exemptions

Beyond money, there are important points, perks and benefits on the line for the field -- in particular, the tournament winner.

The winner of this event will get add to their Order of Merit tally, which is crucial for access to tournaments and bonuses.

The winner gets 7 Official World Golf Ranking points, with the points available based on field strength.

Winning comes with other big benefits, including a two-plus season exemption on the Asian Tour.

2024 New Zealand Open purse, winner's share, prize money payout

For 2024 New Zealand Open results and payout, see our final leaderboard

1 NZD$360,000
2 NZD$220,000
3 NZD$126,000
4 NZD$100,000
5 NZD$82,000
6 NZD$66,600
7 NZD$57,000
8 NZD$49,000
9 NZD$42,800
10 NZD$38,200
11 NZD$34,900
12 NZD$32,500
13 NZD$30,300
14 NZD$28,900
15 NZD$27,700
16 NZD$26,500
17 NZD$25,300
18 NZD$24,100
19 NZD$23,100
20 NZD$22,300
21 NZD$21,800
22 NZD$21,200
23 NZD$20,600
24 NZD$20,000
25 NZD$19,400
26 NZD$18,800
27 NZD$18,200
28 NZD$17,600
29 NZD$17,000
30 NZD$16,400
31 NZD$16,200
32 NZD$15,600
33 NZD$15,200
34 NZD$14,800
35 NZD$14,400
36 NZD$14,000
37 NZD$13,600
38 NZD$13,200
39 NZD$12,800
40 NZD$12,400
41 NZD$12,100
42 NZD$11,700
43 NZD$11,300
44 NZD$10,900
45 NZD$10,700
46 NZD$10,600
47 NZD$10,200
48 NZD$9,800
49 NZD$9,400
50 NZD$9,000
51 NZD$8,600
52 NZD$8,200
53 NZD$7,800
54 NZD$7,600
55 NZD$7,400
56 NZD$7,200
57 NZD$7,000
58 NZD$6,800
59 NZD$6,600
60 NZD$6,400
61 NZD$6,200
62 NZD$6,000
63 NZD$5,800
64 NZD$5,600
65 NZD$5,400

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