Play the best private clubs and expand your network with Epic Golf Club
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Play the best private clubs and expand your network with Epic Golf Club


I travel a good amount for my job. It's part of the deal being in the golf world.

Since I work in golf, I almost always travel with my golf clubs. Sometimes I'm traveling to some of the best golf destinations in the world, and I want to experience a special place with my equipment.

Even when I'm just traveling with my family, and there's no golf on the schedule, I usually bring the bag. Who knows what I'll find or who I'll meet.

While I'll play golf pretty much anywhere at anytime, I will always say yes to playing premium places, including private clubs, with like-minded people. That can be tough to do, particularly getting on at private clubs where I don't know a member or someone in the pro shop. That leads to scrambling on a tee-time service, not knowing if the price is right or if the reviews are any good.

That's why I'm proud to say I'm a member of Epic Golf Club.

Epic Golf Club is a membership organization for golfers who belong to private clubs that want to enjoy a similar level of conditioning and service when they travel to play golf.

Even golfers with multiple club memberships are hard-pressed to find a place to play wherever they may go. That's not the case with Epic Golf Club.

By joining this network of golfers, you'll have access to some of the finest clubs in the country and around the world -- more than 300 by EGC's count. You'll be able to play these remarkable places for a guest fee and have access to network with the individuals able to host you at their home course. Epic Golf Club is a great opportunity to play top-tier clubs and courses with top-notch people. What more can you ask for from a round of golf?!

Aside from the golf, the networking could lead to business deals, mentorships, synergy and strategy conversations that are uncommon on the golf course. And if that's not what you're after, Epic Golf Club members will host you and show you to a great time as an escape from all the stress you feel in the corporate world.

Epic Golf Club also routinely puts together outstanding trips and events at some of America's finest clubs. It's a great opportunity to play bucket-list courses in a friendly environment with fellow golf enthusiasts.

All told, the Epic Golf Club member network has access to 85 percent of the top 200 private clubs in the United States.

For a modest initiation fee and small monthly dues, Epic Golf club members are part of an intimate group of golfers who strive for the best in themselves on the course and in the office. If that sounds like you, head over to Epic Golf Club's website, fill out the application form and get started on a journey few get to experience.

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