These Masters-themed Mizuno Pro 241 irons might be the most beautiful irons ever

These Masters-themed Mizuno Pro 241 irons might be the most beautiful irons ever


Mizuno makes a beautiful iron. It doesn't matter if it's a game-improvement iron, a player's cavity-back iron or a full-fledged blade, Mizuno styling is part of what makes their irons so appealing.

However, these special-edition Mizuno Pro 241 irons may their most beautiful iron ever.

Mizuno has announced a Masters edition of the Mizuno Pro 241s for the Japanese market (although you can have them shipped to the United States and 117 other countries for an additional cost) that are total stunners. Featuring a Masters green nano coating mirror finish with yellow paint highlights and fill, these blade irons also have the Masters logo on the back of the head.

This is a seven-piece set, with Mizuno offering a build with 4-9 irons and a pitching wedge. The hitting are on the iron faces themselves are not green, leaving a traditional look over the ball for the golfer. Mizuno has made Mizuno Pro irons in a majestic blue finish over the years, and the hitting area is set to a more natural color, showing off the nickel chrome look.

These blades are each Grain Flow Forged from a single piece of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel. The clubs have more mass in the ideal hitting area, with a layer of copper under plating beneath the nickel chrome to help with feel. The topline is beveled to give a thinner appearance over the ball, while still allowing for some forgiveness in the design.

The stock Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Azalea Edition S200 129-gram steel shafts come with a unique Augusta National-themed sticker, complete with azaleas on the white label to add an additional touch.

This unique set comes with special Golf Pride MCC Azalea Edition grips that have a white body with additional accents.

Customers cannot customize the shaft, lofts or lie angles, but the irons are delivered in a special green box with the Masters logo on the outside and inside, as well as with a special iron head cover with an azalea flower design.

The Mizuno Pro 241 Masters edition irons are available for order starting December 21 and ending on January 20, 2024. The irons will then be shipped in March. Customers can only purchase one set per account. The set is ¥269,500 or $1,897 before shipping.

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