Costco is making the Kirkland Signature driver, but when will it appear in stores?

Costco is making the Kirkland Signature driver, but when will it appear in stores?

A photo of the Kirkland Signature driver A photo of the Kirkland Signature driver

Costco has quietly made itself an intriguing player in the world of golf equipment in the last seven years, and now they're ready to come to market with a Kirkland Signature driver at their warehouses.

The Kirkland Signature driver, which is manufactured by SM Global of South Korea, appeared on the USGA conforming driver list recently. When a new driver appears on the USGA conforming list, the USGA provides a photo of the sole of the driver, as well as other key information about the markings and features of the products that are approved for use in competition.

In the listing for the Kirkland Signature driver, the USGA indicates the driver comes in a single 10.5-degree head. There's a back weight in the sole of the driver, while the rest of the sole otherwise lacks features. There's the Kirkland Signature graphic logo toward the toe portion of the sole, as well. There's a dot on the top of the crown for an alignment marker.

The Kirkland Signature driver looks a lot like the Titleist TSR driver. I mean, a lot alike.

What we don't know is much about the release and pricing of the product. Currently, the Kirkland Signature driver is not available on the Costco website at the moment, and pricing has not been announced either. It's unclear if the driver will be priced in the $400 or $500 range, but those seem the most likely options. We also don't know if this driver will be available online or only available in warehouses.

Costco is once again looking to have an equipment hit with their members. The original version of the Kirkland Signature golf balls -- back from 2016, believe it or not -- was a huge hit before it sold out and then got changed to a new formula that just wasn't as good. The Kirkland Signature wedges were a welcome sight, and they marked a great foray for the company into golf clubs. The KS1 Kirkland Signature putter, which was an Anser-style blade, also sold well.

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