GNN Daily Deals, October 13, 2023: Save $200 on a pair of launch monitors
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GNN Daily Deals, October 13, 2023: Save $200 on a pair of launch monitors


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Best golf deals for October 10, 2023

Save 25% on your Global Golf purchase!: Global Golf is offering 25% off pretty much everything they have with the promo code PARTY at checkout, with some exclusions. (New PING, FootJoy, Titleist, select Nike and other brand exclusions may apply.) That's a great blanket deal, especially for stocking up on balls and tees, as well as golf shoes or a new golf bag.

Save 40% on a Rapsodo personal launch monitor (now just $300)!: The Rapsodo MLM is the original launch monitor from the company, and it's now one of two offerings Rapsodo has. This is a good entry-level launch monitor to help you get your data and numbers.

Save $200 (or 10%) off a FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor: The FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor is a great product that's a step up from the Rapsodo or the original Mevo (which I still have). It offers simulation capabilities, with 10 included courses, and a slew of data points -- and works well indoors or outdoors.

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