2023 Amazon Prime Big Deal Days golf deals
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2023 Amazon Prime Big Deal Days golf deals


It's 2023 Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, the seventh-consecutive year that Amazon has rewarded its Prime members for their membership with some pretty great deals on most anything you can think of buying, including golf equipment.

Since we here at Golf News Net want you to spend less on your golf game and have more fun, we've corralled some of the best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days golf deals for you.

Note: Golf News Net makes a small commission on each Amazon purchase made through our affiliate links.

In addition to golf deals, we're posting some deals golfers might like that are kinda-sorta related to golf. We're also posting alternative deals as we find them, which shops often post in response to Prime Day as a means of attractive customers.

2023 Amazon Prime Big Deal Days golf deals

Save 40% on a Rapsodo personal launch monitor (now just $300)!: The Rapsodo MLM is the original launch monitor from the company, and it's now one of two offerings Rapsodo has. This is a good entry-level launch monitor to help you get your data and numbers.

Get a four-pack of Apple AirTags for $89: Apple AirTags are a life-saver for a traveler. You always have a handle on where your baggage is, and it offers a tremendous amount of peace of mind when you're toting your golf clubs with you on a plane. For Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, you can get a four-pack of them for $89. I cannot recommend these enough.

Save $100 on the Alphard Booster V2 and transform your push cart into a motorized trolley: The Alphard Booster V2 is such a great product because it lets you transform your walking cart into a motorized one without the need to buy a whole new rig. These things are extremely popular at my club because they're versatile, handle great and are easy to use.

Save $65 on a Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED rangefinder: Nikon makes some of my favorite laser rangefinder products in the market. Their laser technology is great, but the stabilizer tech is even more useful if you have shaky hands or try to multitask.

Save $60 on a Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder: Precision Pro makes great products at reasonable prices; it's that simple. Their NX9 is an excellent value, with slope calculations in a lightweight and easy to read product.

Save $75 on the Perfect Practice putting mat: The Perfect Practice putting mat is a great product. It's so great that a ton of knockoffs have been created. However, the OG is still the best and is 43% off at Amazon today. You can practice at precise speeds and have the ball return right back to you, while storing it away with ease.

Save 50% on adidas Golf Tour360 golf shoes: adidas Golf's Tour360 golf shoe is their flagship model, and it's always a big seller. For 2022, the company decided to try co-molded spikes in the outsole to offer traction with a bigger footprint and taking away the need to replace spikes. These are a great choice for a casual player who won't wear down the spikes very quickly.

Save 25-30% on Cobra Golf lightweight golf bags: A good golf bag goes a long way. With great straps, a lightweight body and proper storage, these Cobra Golf bags will be great for years. They're available in a variety of colors but with a great discount regardless of color.

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