The 2023 Father's Day gift guide, or What You Should Get a Dad Who Loves Golf

The 2023 Father’s Day gift guide, or What You Should Get a Dad Who Loves Golf


Father's Day is just a week and change from now, and it might be time to start thinking about getting a gift for the special dad, grandfather or father-like figure in your life. (Look, most guys shop last-minute for Mother's Day, so turnabout is more than fair play here. No judgments.)

Most dads don't really want big, exorbitant gifts as an expression of appreciation. They really just want to be thought of and appreciated, and a gift that isn't too over-the-top will show just how much you care.

So, as a father of two and a son of one, here are some of my suggestions for Father's Day gifts for a dad or dad-adjacent person that just happens to like to play golf or even watch golf, given by someone who has an actual, real budget.

The 2023 Father's Day gift guide for golf dads

Golf gloves from Red Rooster Golf: Most every person who plays golf uses a golf glove when they play. So why not get them a great golf glove from Red Rooster Golf? The gang at Red Rooster make tremendous gloves that I use every single time I play golf. They're well-made, and they're available in a variety of appealing styles and a bevy of sizes. Go a step further and purchase a multi-month subscription to get a special dad a glove delivered to them in intervals you can set based on how often they play golf.

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A fun book to share like "The Tale of Tiger vs. Bear": Lots of dads like to use golf as an excuse to have some time away from the family, but there are lots of dads who love sharing golf with their families. The new book, "The Tale of Tiger vs. Bear," is a great way to share about golf with the kids while enjoying some jokes and references for the adults. The illustration is really well done, and the story of this match helps share some things about how golf matches are played.

Better golf shoes with Sqairz: I've been wearing Sqairz basically since they debuted just before the pandemic started in 2020. The shoes are comfortable, available in a wide variety of styles and will actually help a golf dad play better golf. The stability and traction they offer is unparalleled, and Sqairz shoes help so much that a golfer will hit the ball farther on every shot (they want to hit it farther). Distance is a great gift, and it doesn't come with quite the same price tag as, say, a new driver. And Sqairz is running a Father's Day sale that knocks $25 off a pair of shoes, adds in a Sqairz hat and three pairs of their super-comfortable socks.

A great rangefinder from Shot Scope: Dads love gadgets, right? Well, how about a gadget that could help lower his scores? Shot Scope makes great rangefinders and GPS/rangefinder hybrids that will give golf dad the right distance to any target he wants to find on the course. Ranging in price from $150 for a competitive unit to $350 for the unique hybrid unit, Shot Scope offers a quality, name-brand product at a good price.

Stylish golf apparel from Swannies: The gang at Swannies doesn't take themselves too seriously, but they sure take seriously the golf fashion they make that can easily transition from the course back home or to any apres golf. They offer comfortable polos in a variety of styles, with many made from recycled fabrics. Their hoodies are great any time of the year. Their T-shirts are perfect for a golf geek (saying this as a golf geek myself). Best of all, their stuff doesn't cost an insane amount of money because of the label. They also have some Father's Day bundles for as low as $50 that are a good value.

A gift certificate to the golf course they play most: Like I said, there are plenty of dads who just want to play golf for a sense of peace and quiet (although the mental anguish of bad golf can take a toll). So why not offer him a gift certificate to a place he loves to play, or, even better, a place he's always wanted to play? That course could be a few blocks from home or a few states away, but having that hall pass to play golf for free that day is awesome.

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