OnCore Golf announces next-gen Vero X2 golf ball

OnCore Golf announces next-gen Vero X2 golf ball

OnCore Golf found some success and converts to their brand with the Vero X1 golf ball. Now, though, they feel they have a product in the Vero X2 that better appeals to players with high swing speeds.

The new Vero X2, which will be available toward the end of September for $50 per dozen, has the same core, mantle and cover setup as the Vero X1, but the new four-piece ball has a higher compression by 10 points -- 95 vs. 85.

The Vero X2 is designed to deliver low spin on the driver with a high trajectory, and OnCore says the ball will deliver optimized spin with irons while offering stopping power with that steeper landing angle.

OnCore continues to design balls with moment of inertia (MOI) in mind, pushing mass to the perimeter of the golf ball with the idea that it will be more forgiving and fly straighter. With a firmer feel, faster players will get more performance out of the ball, and OnCore now has a product that's more competitive with other Tour-grade balls for those higher swing speeds.

The Vero X2 is currently available on a pre-order basis exclusively to Club OnCore and Club OnCore Plus members, with a full roll-out beginning in mid- to late September.

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