PXG announces XF Gen4 fairway woods and hybrids

PXG announces XF Gen4 fairway woods and hybrids

PXG threw everything they had at their Gen4 lineup of golf clubs, including new fairway woods and hybrids that represented a big step forward in material use and design.

Based on the feedback from that Spring '21 release, the company has announced a new line of Xtreme Forgiveness (XF) Gen4 fairway woods and hybrids, designed to be, naturally, more forgiving while still offering great ball speed, an ideal spin profile and smooth turf interaction.

In particular, these clubs are meant to round out a set with the company's 0811 XF Gen4 Driver and 0311 XP Gen4 irons.

Both products have an AM355 steel body and feature an HT1770 face, with a Honeycomb TPE insert behind the face to dampen vibration and enhance feel and sound. They also both have what PXG dubs hybrid crown construction with Aluminum Vapor (AV) technology, which uses a vapor-deposition process to help stiffen and strengthen the carbon-fiber material on the crown. Patented Precision Weighting technology enables the golfer to fine-tune spin and shot-shape bias.

0341 XF Gen4 fairway woods

The 0341 XF Gen4 fairway woods sport a deep-face design as part of a head shape that positions the center of gravity low and back for a high-launch, mid-spin profile. The sole feature rails to improve turf interaction across surfaces and lies. A Railed Sole Geometry notably improves consistency of contact.

The PXG 0341 XF Gen4 fairways are available in 16-, 19- and 22-degree loft options with an introductory price of $249 each.

0317 XF Gen4 hybrids

The 0317 XF Gen4 hybrids have a larger and longer squared-face design for confidence at address and maximum forgiveness to preserve ball speed on off-center hits. Rails on the sole increase the initial angle to the leading edge and prevent digging into the turf.

The PXG 0317 XF Gen4 hybrids are available in 19-, 22-, 25- and 28-degree loft options with an introductory price of $249 each.

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