Tour Edge's Exotics Pro 721 series metalwoods offer latest tech for more accomplished players
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Tour Edge’s Exotics Pro 721 series metalwoods offer latest tech for more accomplished players

Tour Edge has been enjoying success with their new Exotics 721 series of clubs, and now they're ready to offer a limited-run series of metalwoods geared toward more accomplished players.

With the new Exotics 721 Pro series, Tour Edge is offering golfers an opportunity to snag a driver, metalwoods and hybrids from a manufacturing run where just 1,000 of each piece was made.

In all of these clubs, the center of gravity position has been moved forward for a spin-killing, lower-launching and slightly less-forgiving clubhead compared to the standard 721 series. However, all of the Pro 721 clubs share many of the same design components and technologies that have made the 721 series a success, including the Ridgeback support system and the Diamond Face 2.0 series of 43 different, flexing, trampoline-like diamond-shaped sections behind the face.

Pro 721 driver

The Pro 721 driver has a deeper (read: taller) face and a more compact, 440-cc profile, with a pear-looking shape typically preferred by Tour players. The compact shape helps move CG forward and kills spin off the face -- to the tune of 400 rpms compared to the C721 driver.

The Ridgeback support, which allows the face to flex while bracing to absorb energy from impact, is in a new black matte look. Dual carbon-fiber panels to both side of the Ridgeback brace offer discretionary weight that engineers used to locate the center of gravity where they wanted. The Flight Tuning System features weight ports in the heel and toe to alter shot-shape bias.

The driver, available in 9.5- and 10.5-degree heads (with 1,000 available of each), also has an adjustable hosel to adjust loft up and down 2 degrees. The Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue, Orange and White shafts are available as stock offerings, with other shafts available, too. It retails for $450.

Pro 721 metalwoods

The Pro 721 metalwoods are designed to perform like the driver, sporting a more compact shape with a more forward center of gravity that's designed to kill spin. Like with the CBX 119 -- one of my favorite fairway woods ever -- the Pro 721 is designed to produce distance with workability.

There are two weight ports in the sole as part of the Flight Tuning System. Though the stock setup is to a fade bias, that can easily be swapped to promote a draw or go neutral with a separate weight kit.

The same features from the driver otherwise carry through, with the same stock shafts: the Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue, Orange and White. Available in 13.5-, 15- and 16.5-degree heads, these metalwoods will retail for $300 each.

Pro 721 hybrids

With the Pro 721 hybrids, Tour Edge sought to create long-iron replacements that are the most compact available and closest to an iron in size and shape. The face on these hybrids has a square-looking shape and is deeper to allow center of gravity to be moved forward.

The Pro 721 hybrids have weight ports in the heel and toe, with the initial setting promoting a fade bias. A separate weight kit is available.

The series, available in four lofts (17, 18, 19 and 20 degrees), was designed to offer 24-36 yards of cover, with gaps of six to eight yards.

The Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue and White hybrid shafts are available as stock offerings, and they're all available for $250 each.

The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721 series is available Aug. 13.

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