Here's why Rickie Fowler started wearing sunglasses
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Here’s why Rickie Fowler started wearing sunglasses

A photo of golfer Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler has made a number of changes to his game in recent memory, including making a big swing change and, starting most recently, wearing sunglasses.

Why has Rickie Fowler started wearing sunglasses on the PGA Tour after spending his entire career not wearing them?

Fowler explained why he started wearing sunglasses while playing golf after Thursday's first round of the 2021 Memorial Tournament, when he detailed the decision to media.

"I always struggled with seeing more than say 150 yards and little things far away," said Fowler, who is wearing a pair of Oakleys with prescription lenses.

"I've always been able to see up-close fine, I don't have any problem with that. The only time I start to struggle with some depth perception is in low-light situations, so like early morning or as the sun's going down. And so I just wanted to try another option before going to Lasik down the road."

Fowler said he was able to wear sunglasses now because of the swing changes he's been making.

"I tried wearing some just standard sunglasses at home, because I always felt that with the nose piece, with how much I move sometimes in the swing it would get in the way and I would lose sight of the ball, so I didn't like glasses forever," he said.

"Now that things have been cleaned up and I swing a little bit more just within myself, that gave me the opportunity in just standard sunglasses without prescription I saw that I wasn't squinting as much, I wasn't stressing my eyes as much, especially with it being bright out too, especially in Florida. So I said, shoot, why don't we try prescription. So now, yeah, I can actually see the ball land."

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