Stitch Golf's Clubhouse Duffle makes quick travel and transport much easier
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Stitch Golf’s Clubhouse Duffle makes quick travel and transport much easier

From the moment I saw the Stitch Golf Clubhouse Duffle, I knew it could be a game-changer for me.

I was at the PGA Show in 2019 -- that seems so long ago now -- and I was introduced to the bag in the Stitch Golf booth. Someone from the company demonstrated the bag, and the light bulb went off immediately. I was in.

On the whole, I do a lot of relatively light travel. I like long-weekend trips because they're just long enough to leave home but not so long that it gets boring. Even on longer trips, I tend to pack pretty light. That makes a duffle bag perfect for me. I've had several in a rotation for years.

A duffle bag may be perfect for my travels, but a standard duffle bag isn't without issues. I tend to drop my duffle at my destination and then get to my vacation. I don't unpack anything that doesn't need to be hung in a closet. Ultimately, that means I wind up rooting through my bag to try to find clothes, often forgetting the layers by which I packed.

The Stitch Golf Clubhouse Duffle eliminates that problem. Instead of zippering around the top, the Clubhouse Duffle zippers around the side, with the unzippered flap folding down to reveal everything I've packed. Instead of having to throw my hand in a duffle bag and rooting around like I would a mystery Halloween box, I can easily see and pick out the clothes that I need from the Clubhouse Duffle. That's a win for me.

But, wait, there's more. On the inside, there are elastic pockets so you can put a pair of shoes in there, one in each pocket. There's also a secret zippered pocket that I use to put in a belt.

I first used the Clubhouse Duffle, which Stitch Golf provided for this review, on a six-day trip to Myrtle Beach to visit family. I was able to get six days' worth of clothes into the bag comfortably. I pack light, but I am by no means a travel minimalist. I think this bag would be appropriate for more vigorous trips of maybe four or five days. I could also use it as a transport bag to and from the gym or a golf club where I would be using the locker room. There's plenty of room.

The bag itself also looks slick. There are three colors -- black, silver and the navy blue that I got -- and each has suede-looking accents at the bottom. The bag is water and stain resistant. The included shoulder strap and the webbed handle are touches of class, along with gunmetal hardware. The YKK tough zipper is of high quality, and that's good since I've busted some duffle zippers over the years. An underappreciated touch is the base, with four nubs on the bottom to give the bag some subtle form and structure.

If customization is your thing, you can get a unique tag with the bag that you can later swap out. Stitch included one with my initials, which looks good and isn't obnoxious.

The Stitch Golf Clubhouse Duffle sells for $249. Through April 25, however, all Stitch Golf travel bags are 40% off!

Golf News Net readers can save 20% on the bag or any Stitch Golf purchase of $150 or more using the promo code GNN20.

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