Callaway Golf introduces next-gen ERC Soft golf balls

Callaway Golf introduces next-gen ERC Soft golf balls

Callaway is introducing the second generation of their ERC Soft golf balls, which is meant to, as the name implies, feel better off the club face while still delivering a measure of speed and greenside control needed by most golfers under that bell curve of skill.

The most notable element of the ERC Soft is the Triple Track alignment system. It carries through to Gen 2, and it still seeks to help golfers better align their club to the target regardless of where their eyes sit over the ball at address.

That Triple Track alignment sits on a new cover that is made with help from Dow and their Paraloid Impact Modifier additive, which is designed to promote higher launch and lower spin off the tee while still delivering greenside control. Paraloid Impact Modifier, which is designed to strengthen and improve the performance of resins like ionomer, was blended in with the ionomer that is firmer and less durable compared to a urethane cover.

Inside the three-piece ball -- just like any three-piece-or-above ball these days -- the mantle is what builds speed. Callaway has to balance the soft feel implied by the name with delivering speed. The mantle does that while working with the cover to build spin on scoring shots.

The Callaway Golf ERC Soft will be available Feb. 25 in white and yellow options for $35 per dozen.

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