Fujikura's Ventus HB shaft brings VeloCore technology to hybrids and utility irons

Fujikura’s Ventus HB shaft brings VeloCore technology to hybrids and utility irons

Fujikura has expanded its Ventus line of shafts, introducing the new Ventus HB, a shaft specifically designed to perform with hybrids and utility irons.

The same VeloCore technology that has been a winner in its driver and fairway wood shafts is part of this new offering as well, meeting a response from VeloCore adopters.

So what's VeloCore? VeloCore is an encompassing term for the company's multi-material core construction. The two core layers are made from ultra-high modulus Pitch 70 Ton and 40 Ton carbon fiber that run the full length of the shaft to deliver stability. The stability, the company says, makes it easier for a golfer to find the center of the face more consistently, improve control and deliver consistent dispersion both side-to-side and in terms of distance. These shafts are designed to help golfers get the most out of each clubhead.

In the Ventus HB, the VeloCore construction combines with an ultra-stiff tip section to deliver increased stability at impact, whether hitting the ball off the tee or from any kind of turf lie. The Ventus HB has the lowest torque of any Fujikura hybrid shaft, meaning it has the most resistance to twisting. The end result is a tighter shot pattern.

There are two types of Ventus HB shafts, each with a distinct launch profile for a distinct type of golfers.

The Ventus HB Blue has an accelerated taper designed to offer maximum forgiveness, particularly in turf interaction, while augmenting ball speeds. The firm handle and stiff mid-section of the shaft promote more efficient loading to get the ball to launch at a middle height with just enough spin to offer stopping power and control.

The Ventus HB Black is made for players who swing at tour-level speeds and are looking to keep or slightly reduce their existing spin rates. The Black has a much stiffer handle section to deliver a lower ball flight with a low spin profile. These shafts are even stiffer than the standard X flex, looking to deliver consistent contact for golfers who can go after the ball. This shaft can work great for a better player who uses their hybrids or utility irons to hit all kinds of shots.

The Fujikura Ventus HB family is available in a variety of flexes and weights, from 64 grams up to 105 grams. They're all 42 inches long raw and uncut, with a 0.370-inch tip OD. The shafts retail for $200 each, with the Blue available Sept. 1 and the Black available on Sept. 15.

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