Now you can play 'Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge' from The Simpsons!
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Now you can play ‘Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge’ from The Simpsons!

There are plenty of golf references in "The Simpsons" -- being on the air for almost 30 years will do that -- but the greatest golf reference may be in the episode where Bart is disappointed to get the video game "Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge" instead of what he really wanted, "Bonestorm," which was an allusion to games like "Mortal Kombat."

("Buy me Bonestorm, or go to hell!")

"Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge" is lame by design, with the player asked to pick a club and hit a putt. At the end of the episode, someone, presumably Bart, is playing the game. Instead of using the putter, he chooses 3-wood and opts to hit a Power Drive. The golf ball winds up in the parking lot.

Now, some 25 years after that episode way back in Season 7, there is now a playable version of "Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge" that you can check out right now! 

A designer, Aaron Demeter, uploaded the game to, and "The Simpsons" producer Bill Oakley tweeted out a link to the game with glee!

Now, excuse me while I ignore the suggestion of hitting with "feather touch."

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