Linksoul's Boardwalker pants are just as phenomenal as the OG shorts
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Linksoul’s Boardwalker pants are just as phenomenal as the OG shorts

A couple of years ago, I went on the lookout for the best golf shorts in the market. I asked people on Twitter, and I got a lot of great suggestions. I was introduced to some brands, and I had some brands on the tip of my tongue that I hadn't previously considered. It was a great experiment that turned me on to some companies that I now look to for the staples in my wardrobe.

One of those companies is Linksoul. The brainchild of John Ashworth, Linksoul has a West Coast ethos that jibes with how I see the game. Golf isn't meant to be stuffy, or prestigious, or out of reach. It's meant to be relaxing, maybe inspiring, and most certainly fun. Golf is part of your life, not a separate, siloed-off piece of your existence.

The company's Boardwalker shorts were a revelation. They're lightweight, versatile, incredibly comfortable. It only made sense for Linksoul to make a pants version of the Boardwalkers. After all, golfers want to be comfortable when it's cooler, too.

As you might imagine, the Boardwalker pants are pretty much the Boardwalker shorts. What makes the pants special is the material mix, with two-thirds of it a polyester material, one-quarter of it cotton and the rest Spandex to help the pants flex and stretch. The makeup helps the pants dry quickly in any conditions and keep you feeling fresh with good air flow.

The pants have a five-pocket build, just like the shorts, with a pair of casual back pockets, two front jeans-style pockets and a small pocket for some tees or a divot repair tool. The pants close with a contrasting button, and the belt loops have plenty of give to accommodate whichever belt you'd like to wear.

The difference between the pants and the shorts is, of course, that the pants cover the legs.

On that front, the Boardwalker pants legs are a little bit slimmer in fit than some of Linksoul's other pants, including the chino Boardwalker pants. Even for me, a bigger guy, that wasn't an issue. If you have bigger thighs, you may find them a little tighter than other pants. I'm not one to like slim-fit anything, but the cut felt modern. The pants don't flap about in the wind or feel loose like a pair of pajama pants.

The Boardwalker pants are available in 30-, 32- and 34-inch inseam lengths. They do appear to be cut a little long, so if you're on an odd-numbered inseam, plan accordingly.

Versatility and wearability are really the best parts of these pants. They look good in pretty much any setting where formalwear isn't required. Just like the shorts, the Boardwalker pants actually wear more comfortably the next day (and these days, you may be so inclined) without looking more worn. It's remarkable.

The pants pair great with the new Boardwalker half-zip hoodie, which uses the same Boardwalker fabric but in a jacket that will go great in cooler conditions where there might be a passing shower, a little morning fog or just a touch of dew on the grass. With two zipped pockets on the sides and an even deeper zipped pocket on the right side, you're covered with both needed storage and protection from the elements.

Like with the Boardwalker shorts, you're paying for a quality product with the Boardwalker pants. They're $110 per pair, but they're also pants you're going to have in your closet for years to come.

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