Matt Ginella leaving Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" and Golf Advisor
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Matt Ginella leaving Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive” and Golf Advisor

Matt Ginella, with Gil Hanse and John Ashworth, on the new under-construction Kids Course at Goat Hill Park

Matt Ginella has been a long-tenured voice on Golf Channel, becoming the network's voice for golf travel programming. Ginella has been a voice on "Morning Drive" for years, in addition to hosting "Golf Advisor: Round Trip" and being a contributor to the Golf Advisor website.

Ginella's Golf Channel run on "Morning Drive" came to a close, however, on Feb. 11, 2020. After a long stint on Golf Channel, including its morning show, Ginella was a part of the crew for the final time.

Emotional goodbye

Ginella's last show on Feb. 11, 2020, came after he had announced a "parting ways" on social media. The Jan. 21 announcement sent shock waves through the golf media world.

Ginella spent seven years at Golf Channel after moving to Florida from Golf Digest in New York, where he led travel coverage. He broke into the golf world at Sports Illustrated.

What's next for Matt Ginella

In 2020, Matt Ginella will take on a dramatically scaled-back role with Golf Channel. Some of his programming has already been filmed and will still continue to air on the network from time to time.

It's not clear how exactly Ginella will be replaced. Golf Channel has let go a number of its travel contributors, including to, in what has been described as a realignment of budget priorities. What that means for golf travel content in the long term isn't clear.

Ginella used his platform on Golf Channel and turned it into an ambassador relationship with John Ashworth's Linksoul brand. He has worked with them for years in promoting their apparel and events.

Ginella hasn't fully revealed what he'll be doing next, but he appears ready to keep working in the game. He has built a following on social media that could travel with him to whatever he does next.

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