How much does it cost to play at Bandon Dunes?

How much does it cost to play at Bandon Dunes?


Bandon Dunes is a bucket-list place for a lot of golfers to visit. Located on the Oregon coast, the somewhat remote resort has five 18-hole golf courses -- Bandon Dunes, Old Macdonald, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails and the Sheep Ranch -- the Punchbowl putting course and the 13-hole Bandon Preserve.

That's a lot of amazing golf in one place, and it's the reason why Bandon Dunes is one of the Meccas of American golf. So, you're probably wondering how much it costs to play golf at Bandon Dunes. It's a surprisingly affordable experience.

The green fee for all five 18-hole golf courses is the same, which is pretty awesome. You don't have to pick which courses you want to play based on green fee. Get there and pick. That's great. There is no separate cart fee because all of the courses at Bandon Dunes are walking only.

The rates here depend on if you're a guest staying at the on-site Bandon resort, just a day guest or an Oregon resident, and they also depend on the time of year. For a resort guest, the green fee for a resort guest can run from $100 in January (with a $50 replay rate) to $295 (with a $150 replay rate) in July, August and September. For a day guest, that range is $135 ($70) to $345 ($175). Oregon residents get the resort guest rate.

The beauty of going to Bandon and staying there is the replay rate. It's unreal. It's basically half the green fee. The third round is free. And if you play all four 18-hole courses in a day -- and our hats are off to you -- then they pay you $100.

If you want to play Bandon Preserve, know that all of the profits go to Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, an organization that supports conservation, community and economy on the southern Oregon coast. The rate is $100 from May to October, then $75 from Nov. 1-19 and in March and April, then $50 for the rest of the year.

Tee times can be booked 21 days in advance.

You have a variety of choices in terms of staying at Bandon, ranging from hotel room-style lodging to four-bedroom cottages. The rates vary based on time of year and type of room, ranging from $100 per night in January for a simple room to $1,950 per night for the four-bedroom cottage in the summer months.

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