Cleveland Golf adds two new wedges to give average golfers more short-game confidence

Cleveland Golf adds two new wedges to give average golfers more short-game confidence

Several years ago, Cleveland Golf recognized the average golfer could stand to be better served by their wedges. The short game can be brutal for the weekend warrior, but so many average golfers have the wrong clubs in their hands to save shots around the greens. They either have extra wedges from their iron sets that aren't quite versatile enough, or they have classic wedges which don't benefit them enough.

With the CBX and Smart Sole lines, Cleveland has tried to make it clear to the normal golfer that they're here to help.

Now, the company is introducing a pair of new wedge offerings.

Cleveland Smart Sole 4 wedges

Cleveland's Smart Sole wedges look to make short-game play idiot-proof. There are three models, and those models are designed to help suffering golfers in specific ways to save strokes.

The C model is 42 degrees and is designed to make chip shots straightforward. The 58-degree S model is designed with plenty of loft and bounce to get the ball out of the sand. In the middle, the new G model is 50 degrees, built for full-shot confidence and versatility.

All three models have extra wide sole and more bounce to help golfers who tend to hit their wedges fat. Feel Balancing Technology has been updated, and it moves the center of gravity closer to the hitting zone for improved feel.

New grooves are designed to keep moisture and debris away from the hitting zone for maximum spin, even on a poor strike.

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 wedges will be available Feb. 7 for $120 each in men's steel, $130 each in men's graphite and $120 each in a women's model.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face wedge

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face wedge is the company's take on a wedge you may have seen elsewhere, which boasts grooves across the entire face, vertically and horizontally, to give more versatility and confidence to a player.

Typically, these types of wedges have been promoted more for short-game wizards who could use the extra groove space to try more creative short-game shots. Cleveland posits more golfers can benefit from more Zip Tour Groove space in tandem with their Rotex Face Milling pattern.

Sporting a high-toe design meant to deliver the clubhead under the ball, the CBX half-cavity design has the cavity space near the heel and the traditional muscle shape on the toe to move the center of gravity toward where most golfers hit their wedges.

The CBX Full-Face has a C-shaped sole grind for open-faced shots, with built-in extra heel and toe relief for versatility and forgiveness.

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face wedges are available Feb. 28 in 56-, 58-, 60- and 64-degree heads for $150 each.

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