Phil Mickelson has lost weight, claims dropping 15 lbs after six-day fast-cleanse
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Phil Mickelson has lost weight, claims dropping 15 lbs after six-day fast-cleanse


Phil Mickelson has lost weight leading into the 2019 British Open Championship, claiming he's lost 15 lbs after putting himself through a six-day fast-slash-cleanse before the final men's major of the year.

Mickelson, who won the AT&T Pebble Beach in February and hasn't done much of anything since, went off social media for a week to go on a retreat that included a six-day cleanse.

"I haven't felt good about myself and the way I've been playing, and so I haven't done anything or wanted to be in public," Mickelson said in a social media post he's dubbed his "Phireside" chats. (I can't believe I'm typing that.)

As part of the six-day cleanse, Mickelson drank only water and a special protein coffee drink, which has been discussed in the past with's Alan Shipnuck. The drink is made by:

“Fill to the top with coarse ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, then add water heated to 200 degrees. Stir five or six times, wait three minutes and then plunge it. (If you wait too long the beans get bitter.) Phil then pours it into a Bodum pot and adds Califa Farms almond milk, a dash of cinnamon, a few Yiragacheffe Cacao nibs (80%) and a little medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is extracted from coconuts. With a hand electric blender he mixes it until slightly frothy and that’s it.”

Mickelson is now 49 years old, and he's looking to find some kind of edge to close out the majors for 2019. Between the fast, the cleanse, the CBD oil and his fitness routine, Mickelson is trying to defy Father Time. Showing up in Northern Ireland having missed the cut in four of his last six starts, the five-time major winner needs some answers and maybe a little boost to the metabolism would help.

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