Bob Vokey extends SM7 D-grind availability to 54- and 56-degree wedges

Bob Vokey extends SM7 D-grind availability to 54- and 56-degree wedges

Bounce is a golfer's friend, and Bob Vokey has long advocated for golfers carrying a higher-bounce sand wedge and a mid-to-low bounce lob wedge in their setup.

With the SM7 D-grind, Vokey has created a high-bounce option designed for a better player. The D-grind features a high measured bounce with the crescent shape of the M-grind for versatility with a wedge in hand. It's been a successful new grind, so Vokey has now extended the D-grind availability to 54- and 56-degree models through WedgeWorks.

The D-grind has a high forward bounce for shots when used square on, while the crescent shaping allows for more options when the clubface is open. The D-grind is best for golfers with a steeper angle of attack, particularly those who manipulate the clubface position to play a variety of shots.

Through WedgeWorks, a golfer can customize their wedges with 10 characters of stamping and 12 paintfill colors, as well components of the club. The Vokey WedgeWorks 54-12 D and 56-12 D wedges will be available starting June 5 in a Tour Chrome finish beginning June 5 for $195 each.

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