There was an Anthony Kim sighting in Hollywood, and it doesn't look like AK's coming back to golf
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There was an Anthony Kim sighting in Hollywood, and it doesn’t look like AK’s coming back to golf

Anthony Kim is the golf version of Sasquatch. (Swagsquatch, I'd like to propose.) People swear to see him in the wild here and there, and fans will take to social media to post pictures and video -- though not as blurry as Bigfoot -- to verify that AK is, in fact, still alive and kicking. Of course, that naturally leads to unfounded speculation he could return to professional golf and perhaps realize the amazing potential he showed in the late 2000s.

This latest Anthony Kim sighting was in Los Angeles, in the Hollywood area, by Benjamin Bujnowski from northern Virginia. Bujnowski was in the Hollywood part of town on family vacation and finishing breakfast in the neighborhood when he spotted Kim in public. Bujnowski figured it was Kim by noticing the Labrador tattoo AK made somewhat famous. He asked AK for a picture, and Kim, according to Bujnowski, was more than gracious. He took the picture and they had a brief conversation.

In their brief conversation, Bujnowski asked Kim about his golf game, to which Kim said he's not really playing golf these days. There have been rumors for years of Kim playing in private high-money matches, skipping out on the PGA Tour because of a long-rumored insurance policy payout that bans Kim from coming back to professional golf in exchange for a large policy payout. Perhaps it's just because the former Oklahoma standout got sick and tired of Tour life and wanted to move on to something different.

Whatever the reason Anthony Kim walked away from golf -- and has stayed away since 2012 -- is kind of unimportant. AK seems happy to be out of the spotlight, investing here and there and continuing on with his life.

Long live the Swagsquatch.

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