What's the red, big-headed putter Adam Scott is using at the 2019 Masters?

What’s the red, big-headed putter Adam Scott is using at the 2019 Masters?

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Adam Scott has a share of the 2019 Masters lead through two rounds, and the 2013 Masters winner is using a big, red-headed putter to get into contention for a second green jacket.

The putter looks different than anything you'll see on the market, but Scott is confident in what a company called LAB Golf has made with the Directed Force DF 2.1 putter.

The DF 2.1 putter is designed around the idea of "lie angle balance," hence the LAB part of the company's name that changed to reflect the company's design goals. "Lie angle balance" is a design feature meant to nearly eliminate the natural torque -- the desire to twist and turn at impact or stress -- of the putter head through a stroke. The Directed Force DF 2.1 putter doesn't turn or twist (at least much) when the putter is stroked from its natural position on the green.

The elimination of torque means a player can feel more confident over the putt that the head will wind up striking the ball with a putt that is on the original intended line. The putter head will stay square to the arc of the putt. Of course, that means the putter still has to hit a putt on the right line, with the right speed. And that means the player still has to keep their hands quiet through the stroke so as to not twist the head off line. However, the advantage of knowing a proper stroke will lead to a proper result is key for Scott, who started using the Directed Force DF 2.1 at The Honda Classic in March.

The DF 2.1 putter is one of the company's classic models, which comes in red, black and blue heads for $425 each.

In 2019, LAB Golf also introduced a blade-style putter with the same "lie angle balance" technology. Dubbed the BlaD.1, it's $399.

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