Adam Scott was rocking pleats on Friday at the 2019 Masters
Fashion Masters

Adam Scott was rocking pleats on Friday at the 2019 Masters

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Adam Scott is a good-looking guy who almost always dresses fashionably. What he wears often looks as great as his flawless golf swing.

And then on Friday at Augusta National, Adam Scott wore pleats.

That's right, Adam Scott wore double-pleated navy blue pants as part of his Uni Qlo-designed outfit for the second round of the Masters. (He also wore black golf shoes to go along with the navy pants, which is apparently a huge fashion faux pas, but that's not our issue here.)

Look, pleats were OK in the 1990s. They were maybe even OK for a time in the early 2000s. However, at some point, everyone wised up that pleats look horrible and are an excuse for dads wear loose dress pants, so we got away from pleats. We went with flat-front pants that don't look as dressy, but they looked chic and presentable in pretty much any situation. It was a great time for chinos and khakis, even if the color spectrum from tan to olive suffered.

Now he is trying to bring back pleats? No. No, sir. We're not going back to that.

However, it's hard not to compliment Scott for at least trying to pull off the look. He didn't seem embarrassed out there to wear the pleats, even though he almost certainly knew he would get some crap for it. Then again, when you're as good as the 2013 Masters champion is, they pay you to wear your clothes.

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