adidas Golf launches new Tour360 XT, adds spikeless version for the first time
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adidas Golf launches new Tour360 XT, adds spikeless version for the first time

The latest generation of the adidas Golf Tour360 family of shoes is out, and for the first time includes a spikeless edition.

adidas' highest-performance footwear line may have expanded, but the spiked and non-spiked models of the shoe benefit from a new X-shaped traction system called X-Traxion. The X-shaped lugs on the outsole provide more stability with octagon-shaped touch points with the ground, meaning the shoe will have ground cover on pretty much any lie. The X-Traxion system is found on the cleated outsole and spikeless model.

On the spikeless Tour360 XT SL ($170), the X-Traxion system is featured on the entire outsole, with placements to replace the missing cleats. The eight-sided lugs vary in depth so some can act akin to spikes to go deeper in the ground for more traction. The shoe features the X-Torsion system through the midfoot to provide more stability, using the X shape to connect the heel and forefoot on the TPU outsole. Of course, there's boost foam in the midsole. The spikeless model has a microfiber leather upper and a one-year waterproof guarantee and is available in four colorways. The Tour360 XT SL is also available in a Boa model for $10 more, which has an L6 closure on the tongue for micro-adjustability and the perfect fit. It has two colorway options.

The Tour360 XT ($200) has a new TPU outsole, combining eight cleat posts -- dropping two from the prior generation -- with the X-Traxion lugs for additional grip and stability. Taking away two spikes lowered the overall weight and added more flexibility for the whole outsole. The boost foam is now wider in the heel and forefoot, while also slightly wider with more expansion area for improved comfort. In the midfoot, adidas used a new forging technique by heating that portion of the leather upper (with a two-year waterproof guarantee) to increase stability while also reducing overall weight of the shoe in combining parts.

The Tour360 XT and Tour360 XT SL both come in both medium and wide options, while the Tour360 XT Boa comes in a medium-wide fit. That's a big key for golfers who want the kind of traction Tour360 delivers but may have struggled in the past with narrower fits.

All three models are available Feb. 1.

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