Mizuno golf balls are going global, including the United States, for the first time

Mizuno golf balls are going global, including the United States, for the first time

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Once in a rare moon -- typically when I'm playing golf in Florida or some other international hotspot -- I find a Mizuno golf ball. It's how I know international travelers have had their good time in the U.S.A., because the company's golf ball models are not available here. Well, until now.

For the first time, Mizuno is unveiling a global golf ball release, with a pair of tour-caliber balls: the RB Tour and RB Tour X.

Both balls have a four-piece construction, featuring a Butadiene rubber dual core which gets gradually firmer the closer toward the urethane cover. The urethane cover features a 360-dimple pattern featuring the Cone Profile dimple, which the company calls the C Dimple. This design is aimed to perform better in wind as more so-called trigger points allow the fastest-flowing air to remain close to the ball for longer. The faster the air around the ball, the less drag and more speed. The company says the C Dimple design is the result of 12 years of wind-tunnel testing in their Japan facility.

The RB Tour has a significantly lower compression than the RB Tour X, which is geared toward a player with a slightly higher spin profile and a driver swing with an upward angle of attack. The company says both balls produce a high degree of greenside spin.

The Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X golf balls will be available in February 2019 for $43 per dozen.

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