After a long wait, Callaway introduces Apex '19, Apex Pro '19 irons

After a long wait, Callaway introduces Apex ’19, Apex Pro ’19 irons

If you're a fan of Callaway's Apex irons, then you've been waiting a long time for a chance to get a new set of them. Three years, in fact. But, now the Apex '19 and Apex Pro '19 irons are here, and they're slotted soundly into the players distance iron category.

Apex '19 irons

The Apex '19 iron is forged, as most players distance irons are, and they have a 1025 mild carbon steel body. The body contains the urethane microspheres introduced in the Rogue irons, which are designed to create seven figures of small air pockets to absorb vibration and improve feel.

Cup face technology is in these mid- and long irons in the Apex '19 set, designed to promote higher ball speeds, better ball flight and more distance across the face. In the short irons and scoring clubs, the variable-face technology design that does into is meant to control spin to allow a golfer to have confidence the ball will dance how they want.

Tungsten weights are metal injection molded into each head, designed to deliver a precise center of gravity position on each iron -- getting closer to the ideal impact spot for each club for ideal performance.

The classic chrome finish is a sexy look, while the new True Temper Elevate 95 Shaft is the stock steel offering, while the Project X Catalyst is the stock graphite shaft.

The Callaway Golf Apex '19 irons are available at retail on Jan. 25, for $1,400 in steel and $1,500 in graphite.

Apex Pro '19 irons

Callaway is positioning the Apex Pro '19 irons as literally being in a (new) category all by themselves. They're calling this iron a forged Tour performance iron with "advanced distance technologies." Basically, they're calling this a tour players distance iron.

Like with the Apex '19, a 1025 mild carbon steel body also features to microspheres for sound and vibration-dampening. The mid- and long irons have the cup face, while the scoring clubs have the VFT face. The MIM'd tungsten weight process dials in CG, with as much as 50 grams injected into certain irons.

The big difference here is the smaller profile and staff-desired looks, like a straighter leading edge, a higher toe,
a thin top line and a smooth hosel transition.

The Callaway Golf Apex Pro '19 irons are available at retail on Jan. 25, for $1,400 in steel with True Temper Elevate Tour shafts. A custom order with Project X Catalyst 100 graphite shafts is also available. A Smoke black head option is also available, like in the Apex '19 irons.

Apex 19 hybrids

The Apex 19 hybrids are billed as the first "players" hybrids to sport Jailbreak technology. Basically, they got Jailbreak into a more iron-looking hybrid, which sounds great. These hybrids have no shot-shape bias, and they're meant to be a complement to the longer irons in the set -- workable for a better player's preference.

The forged cup face is made from Carpenter 455 steel, while a black PVD finish completes the look.

The Apex 19 hybrids are $270 each with a stock Project X Catalyst 70/80 graphite shaft. They're available Jan. 25.

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